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What is Thoze People Community?

We are a group of long-time friends that enjoy multiple aspects of entertainment & media. We all individually bring an extremely versatile set of skills as well as viewpoints to create attention grabbing content. We strive to create various means of media including comedy sketches (Hee-Lari-US Comedy Group), shows, short films and full feature movies for your entertainment as well as provide our views and opinions on today's sports, technology news, entertainment buzz, and pop culture rumors and updates ("The Alternative FAQs" podcast.)
With your support, we will be able to acquire the necessary equipment to create engaging content geared towards entertaining all of you on a consistent basis! 

This group consists of (so far!) the creative team of Bobby Marshall, Garrett Q. Braaf, Peta Williams, James Hatcher, Kory Mustipher and Mitchell Grosvenor! 

Stay tuned for more creative content!munity is our network where we can share our tips, tricks and stories.

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